Outcomes - Selected Case Summaries

Immigration Policies

Freedom of Information | 30 November -0001
Department of Immigration (DOI)

An applicant requested records relating to various topics, including policies, procedures and guidelines on the handling of applications for permanent residency.  No initial response was given, and no internal review was conducted by WORC.  Before the final decision was issued various records were disclosed, including policies relating to applications for permanent residency which the Department said were not in use.  The applicant asked for clarification, but the Department did not respond.

The Ombudsman found that the Department failed to respond to the requests within the time limits established in the FOI Law, and failed to indicate whether it held the requested records.  The Department also failed to publish “records used in making decisions” as required by the FOI Law. The Ombudsman directed the Department to provide a full answer to the Applicant, and publish its guiding documents related to the making of decisions.