Outcomes - Selected Case Summaries

Agreement with Tech City

Freedom of Information | 30 November -0001
Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure

The request in this case was for an agreement between CPI and Tech City, a private company.  CPI disclosed most of the agreement, but the redactions of some parts were disputed by the applicants.

The Ombudsman agreed with some of the redactions because they withheld information with a commercial value, or information concerning the commercial interests of a person.  This included redactions of information which could undermine CPI’s future bargaining position in similar deals.  The public interest in disclosure did not outweigh the public interest in withholding the information.

However, other redactions including those relating to the government’s non-binding plans to enact legislation did not constitute commercial interests as claimed.  They were not legally privileged and their disclosure would not inhibit CPI’s ability to manage its public affairs.  The Ombudsman required CPI to disclose the remainder of the agreement.