03 May 2019 | News from the O

Case Summaries & Year in Review


Ombudsman publishes summaries of selected cases and 2018 Year in Review 

The Office of the Ombudsman has added a new section to their website. Summaries of selected cases can be found under the “Outcomes” tab at Ombudsman.ky. These summaries provide insight into specific cases dealt with by the Ombudsman and include details about the resolution of those cases. Selected cases from 2018 have already been posted. The cases include complaints about the police and government as well as freedom of information appeals and whistleblower disclosures.

Year end statistics for 2018, as well as selected case summaries, are also available at https://ombudsman.ky/images/pdf//Ombudsman-Year-in-Review-2018.pdf. The Office

  • answered 229 enquiries;
  • carried forward 17 cases from 2017 (5 Maladministration Complaints, 12 FOI Appeals)
  • opened 230 cases (59 Maladministration Complaints, 143 Police Complaints, 23 FOI Appeals and 5 Whistleblower Disclosures);
  • closed 155 cases (55 Maladministration, 76 Police Complaints, 20 FOI Appeals and 4 Whistleblower Disclsoures); and
  • 92 cases were carried forward to 2019.

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Case Summaries & Year in Review

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