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Request for Recruitment Records not Received

Informal Resolution | 06 July 2022
Ministry of Investment, Innovation & Social Development (MIISD)

An applicant requested records related to a recruitment process in the Ministry of Investment, Innovation & Social Development, and expressed concern with the response time. The request had been properly made more than 60 days prior.

We made inquiries and the Ministry explained that the request had not been received. Given the delay incurred, we prompted the Ministry to respond as soon as practicable or at least earlier than 30 days. Upon our suggestion, the Ministry provided the applicant with an apology and an explanation concerning the delayed response. Several records were disclosed, but the applicant claimed that more records should exist. We reviewed the records and the Ministry’s search efforts, and confirmed that some records were indeed missing. Thereupon, the relevant records were located and disclosed, and the case was closed.