Outcomes - Selected Case Summaries



Unsubscribing from an IT service provider

Informal Resolution | 05 August 2021

An individual received unsolicited electronic marketing from an IT service provider. After she had made several unsuccessful attempts to unsubscribe from the marketing lists, she filed a complaint with us. She also wanted to know where they had obtained her data, as she had never been a customer of theirs.

We contacted the company and established that the complainant’s attempts to unsubscribe had landed in the company’s junk mailbox and so hadn’t been seen. They immediately contacted her to apologize and deleted her details from their system. They were unable to tell her where they had obtained her email address.

The complainant was not entirely satisfied with the response, but agreed that no further action could be taken. We made several recommendations to the company on how to improve their compliance with the DPA, including the development of a privacy policy and a policy on managing requests for unsubscribing from marketing lists.