Outcomes - Selected Case Summaries



Delayed response to labour-related complaint

Early Resolution | 10 February 2021
Department of Labour and Pensions (DLP)

A complainant was involved in an ongoing dispute with their previous employer over non-payment of overtime and alleged unfair dismissal. Among other things, the complainant claimed that the employer did not pay the same amount each month and did not pay for overtime work. As well, the complainant alleged to have been forcibly removed from their place of work.

A labour-related complaint was made to the DLP in September 2020, which continued to investigate the matter. After several months had passed, by mid-January 2021 still no decision had been made. The complainant asserted that this amounted to maladministration by the DLP in failing to decide the case in a timely manner.

We mediated between the two parties, leading to an in-person meeting in early February 2021. Following this meeting, the complainant indicated they were satisfied with the progress that was made and that the case would now move toward resolution. At this point, our office closed the matter without making further recommendations to the DLP.