Outcomes - Selected Case Summaries



Clarification of NGO Funding

Early Resolution | 18 March 2021
Ministry of Health, Environment, Youth and Culture

This complaint involved a claim of non- response by the Ministry of HECH to a complaint from one of the non- governmental organisations (NGOs) that receives annual public funding. The NGO alleged its annual funding had been withdrawn by government between January 2020 and February 2021 for unknown reasons. During that time, some statements were made about the loss of funding, including in the Legislative Assembly.

However, in later in-person meetings, government officials stated that the funding had been withdrawn in error.

The complainant came to us seeking an explanation for the apparent withdrawal of the funding. We attempted to resolve the issue with the HECH informally before opening a formal investigation. A short while later, the complainant received emails confirming that it could resume collecting its cheques from the government treasury on the understanding that receipts for expenses would be submitted quarterly, as per the normal practice.

 The complainant informed us at that stage they did not wish to pursue the matter further and the file was closed without the need for recommendations.