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Permanent residence fee refunds

Early Resolution | 05 May 2021
Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman

The holder of a Residency and Employment Rights Certificate was required to pay a significant annual fee for the renewal of that immigration status, within a short period of their spouse being granted the Right to be Caymanian. Under the Immigration Law, spouses of Caymanians are not required to pay the same annual fees for permanent residence as other PR holders. Since their residency status had changed, the complainant sought a refund for the remainder of the annual residency fee.

The complainant was informed by WORC that the Immigration (Transition) Act, 2021, does not allow the agency to provide a refund for any portion of permanent residency fees, unlike how it would allow a refund for a portion of an unused work permit fee to a business owner.

We determined that WORC’s position was indeed correct. However, we also informed the complainant they could make an application to the Cabinet, which they did.

No recommendations were made, and we continue to monitor the matter.