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Delays in retirement cash-out

Early Resolution | 25 May 2021
Public Service Pension Board (PSPB)

We received a complaint alleging a lack of service by the PSPB. The complainant’s employment with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) ended in December 2020. Prior to his departure from Cayman, he provided the RCIPS’ HR Department with the necessary documents to ensure a timely release of his pension funds. Before contacting our office, he had been in regular contact with the HR Department and was informed that the RCIPS was unable to facilitate a response from the PSPB. He suspected that his pension fund was willfully being withheld.

We commenced an informal investigation querying the PSPB’s internal complaints process manager on the matter. The Acting Chief Pensions Officer stated that the PSPB was not informed of the complainant’s request for a cash-out of his retirement benefit until 2 March 2021, when RCIPS HR submitted the complainant’s cash-out election form, as confirmed by HR. The submission included many documents, some dating as early as October 2020, but the information was not submitted to PSPB until approximately 6 months later. Just before making the complaint, the complainant was informed by PSPB that his package lacked a notarized document as proof of non-residency. This document was provided shortly afterwards.

The PSPB informed us in May that the cash-out had been authorized and that a bank draft would be ready for couriering to the complainant by the 24th of that month. Shortly thereafter, as we had requested, the complainant confirmed receipt of the draft and thanked us for assisting him in resolving this matter.