Outcomes - Selected Case Summaries



Continuing healthcare coverage

Early Resolution | 25 October 2021
Department of Children and Family Services

A previous complaint to the Ombudsman had been closed when the NAU agreed to provide three months of temporary healthcare coverage to the complainant. However, she was still unsatisfied since the treatment course would take longer.

We determined that the decision-making authority in this matter was the DCFS, so we asked the complainant to make a direct request to the DCFS. An additional application was needed to resolve some documentary issues and provide information that had not been included in the previous application. The complainant agreed but asked that her medical coverage be extended for another three months to complete her treatment overseas allowing her to return to Cayman to finish the application process.

We attempted to resolve the conflict between the complainant and the DCFS informally. Following discussions between the Ombudsman, the complainant and the DCFS in October 2021, the director of DCFS informed us that the complainant had been recommended to receive a further extension in her healthcare coverage that would take her through the overseas surgical procedures. We invited the complainant to come back to us if she had further difficulties in the future.