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PR certificate delayed

Early Resolution | 02 August 2021
Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman

The complainant held a Residency and Employment Rights Certificate as the spouse of a Caymanian. Her husband passed away and she requested that her immigration status be regularized so that she could remain in Cayman with her child. She successfully appealed the matter to the Immigration Appeals Tribunal (IAT) in November 2020, which ordered the issuance of PR certificates for her and her child. Their passports were stamped as PR holders in December 2020. However, by July 2021, they were still unable to obtain their certificates, and she complained to the Ombudsman citing unreasonable delay and/or non-response by WORC.

We contacted WORC and, after an initial delay, were informed that, despite the IAT ruling, there remained an administrative process to formalize the ruling that included bringing the matter before the WORC director. This was completed toward the end of July and the complainants were advised by email they could come and pick up their certificates. WORC officials apologized for the lengthy delay of this administrative matter.

The Ombudsman did not make recommendations. However, the issue was referred to our ongoing own-motion investigation of WORC’s administrative processes and boards.