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Face to face discussions resolve complaint

Informal Resolution | 03 December 2018
Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS)

A complaint which originated in 2012(prior to the new law) was reviewed by our office. The complainant alleged that the police came to his business because they received a complaint about loud music playing after midnight. The police initially issued a warning to turn off the music, but as they left the area the music was turned on again. The police departed but were later called to respond to a report of a fight nearby. While in the area they again attempted to address the loud music however found that the access gate to the premises had been locked.

They arrested the owner of the premises and seized some sound equipment. The owner complained that the police unlawfully entered the premises and were heavy handed and used excessive force in making the arrest.

Following discussions with our investigators the complainant agreed to an informal resolution. Both parties met with our investigators to discuss the matter. During the discussion both the complainant and the officer admitted that they could have conducted themselves differently on the night of the occurrence and likely avoided the complaint and years of negative feelings. They took turns describing their perspectives about the incident, which brought about an understanding of the story to both sides .

The complainant said that the opportunity to sit down with the officer to discuss the matter was one of the most positive police experiences in their lifetime.

Both the officer and the complainant signed off on an informal resolution agreement, which was accepted by the Ombudsman.