Outcomes - Selected Case Summaries



Cancer patient obtains insurance

Early Resolution | 21 September 2021
Needs Assessment Unit (NAU)

In February 2021 a retired cancer patient requested assistance from the Needs Assessment Unit (NAU) for CINICO coverage for cancer treatment as her health insurance from a previous employer had expired. The response from NAU was delayed due to an office move. This caused the application not to be relayed to the deciding agency (DCFS) until July 2021. The DCFS approved the application and notified NAU in early September 2021. The NAU apologized for the delay in processing. The applicant’s request for insurance coverage was approved for a period of three months.

Although this matter was resolved successfully, questions remained about why the application was only approved for a three-month period and the applicant, with assistance from the Ombudsman, is following up on those concerns.