Outcomes - Selected Case Summaries



Delayed NAU policy changes

Investigation | 28 September 2021
Needs Assessment Unit (NAU)

A complaint had been closed in June 2020 with a finding of maladministration against the government. However, due to delays caused by the pending general election in April 2021 and subsequent ministry changes, recommendations made by the Ombudsman to update NAU policies governing poor relief payments were not implemented more than a year after the complaint was made.

The complainant in this matter had alleged several policy violations by the NAU regarding the level of public housing and other welfare support she was receiving at the time. She stated the NAU was denying her additional financial assistance for rental support that she was due as an elderly and disabled person. She was also at high risk for the COVID-19 virus at the time when a lack of financial support had left her homeless and sleeping in her car.

Our investigation found that the complainant was correct in stating she was eligible for additional public housing support, as the NAU’s written policies did not provide any specific criteria allowing it to deny the additional support. In September 2021, ministry personnel agreed changes to that policy as recommended by the Ombudsman to list specific criteria for receiving financial support as an elderly Cayman resident. Following approval of those changes by the minister, the complaint was closed.