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Apology sufficient for withdrawal of complaint

Informal Resolution | 23 November 2021
Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS)

The complainant went to George Town Police Station to report the loss of their passport. At the station they became involved in a verbal altercation with two members of RCIPS support staff. This took place in front of the station Sergeant, who in the opinion of the complainant did little to resolve or quell the commotion.

A review of the incident, including an analysis of CCTV footage at the police station, supported the complainant’s version of events. We liaised with senior managers within the RCIPS regarding the conduct of the civilian support staff members. An apology both in person and in writing was provided to the complainant by those involved in the verbal exchange. The RCIPS Professional Standards Unit were instrumental in assisting with this course of action. The complainant decided to withdraw their complaint citing the apologies as sufficient remedy.