Outcomes - Selected Case Summaries



Delayed response to HRC

Early Resolution | 06 May 2022
Cabinet Office , Office of the Premier

This complaint involved a longstanding issue with the Ministry of Education and the Cayman Islands government involving an injury sustained by a child which requires long-term care and special education needs. The complainant had been to the Ombudsman as well as the Human Rights Commission (HRC) regarding this matter in years prior and received a letter from the HRC seeking a response on the matter from the Premier/Cabinet. A deadline was set for response to this communication and no response was received.

After receiving a formal complaint on the delayed response, our office wrote to the premier’s office seeking to obtain a response to the HRC on behalf of the complainant.

Following several more weeks of delay, the Cabinet office responded seeking more information from the complainant. As our office was only trying to obtain a response on behalf of the complainant, and had done so, we felt our role in the matter had ended. We received no further communication from the complainant regarding the matter and, therefore, closed the case.

As the matter was informally resolved, no recommendations were made by the Ombudsman.