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NAU benefits paid for disable client

Early Resolution | 08 August 2022
Needs Assessment Unit (NAU)

The complainant, who has power of attorney for her disabled adult child, stated that the NAU had denied her child rental assistance for period of about nine months after taking about a year to respond to the application for rental aid after it was abruptly ended. The applicants stated they were told verbally by the NAU that his application had been denied and that the NAU was under no obligation to pay for his rent. However, no one involved had received anything in writing regarding the reasons for this decision.

After it was determined the complainants needed to make an internal complaint to the NAU regarding this matter, the entity continued to delay in responding to this complaint. So, the Ombudsman sought to informally resolve the matter through discussions with both parties.

Following these talks, it was determined that three different parties were involved and that they had two separate complaint matters pending with the NAU. We spoke to the NAU and officials there believed these outstanding matters could be resolved. A few weeks after these communications between the Ombudsman and the NAU, NAU officials wrote to both complaining parties explaining the reasons for the delays and informing them that the outstanding rental payments would be made. The NAU also invited the complainants to make further applications for assistance if they believe they were still in need.

As this matter was resolved informally, the Ombudsman made no recommendations.