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NRA land dispute

Early Resolution | 03 February 2022
National Roads Authority (NRA)

The complainant stated that both the NRA and the Lands and Survey Dept. had not followed laws and/or regulations in paving a section of road on his property. It was stated that a section of road paved over a portion of his land was not gazetted and that NRA and Lands & Survey employees did not follow legislation and/or policy directives in properly notifying the complainant of the paving project. The complaint amounted to an allegation that the relevant authorities did not follow due process and that the property owner was left out of the proceedings regarding what was happening on his land.

After assessing the complaint and determining it did fall within our jurisdiction, we undertook to resolve the matter involving the NRA informally. The matters complained of regarding the Lands & Survey Department were still subject to an internal review by that agency and were not considered by our office at that stage.

We conducted without prejudice discussions with both the complainant and the NRA and, following this, suggested that the NRA write to the complainant stating how they intended to handle the matter of the property gazettal and reimbursement for the land going forward. They did so and, upon receipt of this communication from the NRA, the landowner stated he was satisfied with the outcome. We agreed to close the case pending any further developments. No recommendations were made by the Ombudsman as the matter was informally resolved.