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Investigation of dog fatality

Investigation | 07 September 2018
Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS)

In May of 2018 police officers executed a properly obtained search warrant in George Town. The operation was authorised by officers at the Superintendent and Chief Inspector rank. The warrant was aimed at the recovery of unlawful firearms and was part of a pre-planned police operation. All officers carrying firearms were duly trained and authorised to do so.

The planning of the operation included detailed intelligence pictures of the premises to be searched, together with intelligence regarding the occupants. The plan included measures to deal with dogs on the premises. A trained customs dog handler was on site to provide expertise.

During the execution of this warrant a loose dog acted aggressively towards an officer who was able to avoid the dog. Later the same dog ran aggressively towards another officer. The officer tried to retreat from the animal, however, the dog continued to charge the officer. A single shot was discharged at the dog.

An animal welfare officer on scene removed the dog and transported it to a veterinary hospital where it was determined that the injury to the dog was catastrophic and the best course of action was to euthanise the animal. A post mortem examination revealed the dog suffered a single shot to the neck area.

The Ombudsman determined that officers were acting lawfully in the execution of the search warrant and that the discharge of a single shot was a measured response to the level of threat posed to the police.