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CCTV footage

Informal Resolution | 07 September 2018
Department of Public Safety Communications (DPSC)

An applicant requested a copy of specific CCTV footage, but DPSC denied access under the CCTV Code of Practice. DPSC also claimed that the FOI Law did not apply to the records in question because the records were “strategic and operational intelligence gathering activities” under section 3 of the FOI Law. The applicant disputed this and appealed the matter to the Ombudsman.

In our investigation we clarified DPSC policies and procedures on the correlation and destruction of CCTV footage as well as the circumstances for viewing CCTV footage. DPSC agreed to facilitate a controlled viewing of the requested footage, rather than provide a copy of the footage as requested, which required specialized software which was not yet available. The applicant agreed, and the appeal was withdrawn.