Outcomes - Selected Case Summaries



Complaint about unprofessional conduct

Investigation | 15 June 2018
Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS)

The police were called to a dispute involving two drivers in a private car park. One driver accused the other of entering the car park via the exit and complained that it almost resulted in a collision. The driver who was accused of almost causing a collision was distressed because the other driver was threatening her and using abusive language directed at her. The behaviour continued even after the officers arrived and the officers attempted to calm the driver down. Eventually a police supervisor arrived and the driver who was being abusive alleged that one of the officers was biased and disrespectful towards him. The driver said he wanted the officer to be fired and replaced with a Caymanian. He also indicated he would lodge a complaint with the Department of Immigration to ensure that the officer was thrown off the island.

The driver who was abusive was later arrested and charged with several offences, including insulting the modesty of a woman. The driver submitted a complaint against the police officer to our office, saying the officer was rude and unprofessional during the incident.

The Ombudsman did not support the complaint based on the statements of the other driver, officers involved and independent witnesses who all confirmed that the driver acted offensively and aggressively throughout the incident. The Ombudsman concluded that the officer acted reasonably.