Outcomes - Selected Case Summaries



Decisions of the Labour Tribunal and Labour Appeals Tribunal

Informal Resolution | 10 September 2018
Department of Labour and Pensions (DLP)

A request was made for decisions of the Labour Tribunal and Labour Appeals Tribunal for a specific period, including full details of each case, written judgements, transcripts or summaries of evidence, and reasons for each decision. DLP granted partial access to the minutes of both Tribunals but redacted what they considered commercially sensitive and personal information. An internal review was not conducted within the statutory timeline, and the applicant appealed to the Ombudsman.

In our investigation we confirmed some of the redactions but explained that information on public officers acting in their official capacity is excluded from the definition of personal information in the FOI Regulations. DLP agreed to remove some redactions and provided the applicant with 22 sets of minutes. The applicant was satisfied, and the appeal was closed.