Outcomes - Selected Case Summaries



Asylum Issues

Early Resolution | 21 June 2019
Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure (CPI) , Cayman Islands Customs & Border Control (CBC) , Department of Vehicle & Driver’s Licensing (DVDL)

Six Cubans who had recently been granted asylum by the government complained that the travel documents issued to the group had caused significant difficulties when they tried to use them. They claimed the documents did not appear official and did not contain a security bar or a stamp to associate it with the Cayman Islands. They also noted the documents were handwritten and were concerned they would not be recognized by most countries as authentic. They also complained that they were unable to apply for Cayman Islands driver's licenses as a result of their inability to speak, read or write in English. Our investigator translated their requests and forwarded them to CPI and DVDL. 

We recognized that there was a genuine language barrier which prevented the group from communicating directly with the government.  Our Spanish speaking investigator translated their concerns into English and acted as a liaison with the government. 

As a result of our involvement, we have been advised that the government is considering revising the documents to modernize them.  In addition, government allowed the group to take the written driver’s test in Spanish.