Outcomes - Selected Case Summaries



Detention & Deportation

Investigation | 11 April 2019
Cayman Islands Customs & Border Control (CBC)

A complaint was received from an individual concerning a decision of the CBC to detain and deport a relative. The relative was released from prison after serving a jail sentence for tampering with an immigration stamp on a passport and being unlawfully in Cayman. Upon his release, he voluntarily left the Island on the basis that he was going to be deported. The complainant felt that he should be allowed to remain on Island while applying for his Residency and Employment Rights Certificate. 

We immediately reached out to CBC and were advised that the relative could request permission to return to Cayman to the Director of Immigration or CBC. The Ombudsman determined that the CBC acted within their authority and in accordance with law and policy. The Ombudsman also found that the decision was administratively fair. The complaint was not supported.