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Immigration Employment Issue

Investigation | 04 December 2019
Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration (HRI) , & the Immigration (the employer)

A complainant alleged maladministration by her acting Head of Department (HOD) regarding a complaint she had made about an employment matter. Her concern was that the Department’s internal complaints process (ICP) was not followed. She also complained that her HOD failed to respond to her request for copies of minutes of a meeting which was held to discuss the employees’ grievances.

The employer apologised for the delays and gave the complainant a copy of the requested minutes. The employer also arranged for the complaint to be investigated. We supported the complaint. The failure to follow the ICP resulted in investigative delays, the failure to provide updates regarding the complaint and taking too long to give the complainant copies of minutes of a meeting were unreasonable and amounted to maladministration. We recommended that the investigation take place on an expedited basis.