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Curfew Time Exemption

Early Resolution | 24 April 2020
Ministry of International Trade, Investment, Aviation & Maritime Affairs

A man contacted the Ombudsman’s office on 20 April 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, to allege that he was being treated unfairly in relation to a request he sent to the email address curfewtime@gov.ky. He was attempting to set up a business to operate during the lockdown period that he considered would provide an essential service to the travelling public. His request was initially approved but the approval notification sent too late for him to use it. A subsequent request was denied after it was determined that he could not open his business because of curfew restrictions.

During the initial review of this matter, ministry officials informed the Ombudsman that the request had been denied because none of the individuals whom the complainant was seeking to assist with his business was designated as an “exempted employee”, i.e. an employee who could move around freely during the curfew hours to get to and from work.

The Ombudsman’s office received further documentation of the curfew operating procedures. Following a review of the documentation for these procedures, we were satisfied that the policies had been set out as clearly as possible in this very unusual and difficult situation.