Guide to Data Protection Law 2017 for Data Subjects

Your data protection rights

Rights regarding automated decisions without human involvement

Decisions that used to be made by humans are more and more being handed over to computers – for a number of very good reasons, such as efficiency and speed. However, computers can make mistakes, and the algorithms underlying the decision-making may be subject to (unintended) bias in their decisions.

The DPL seeks to address these concerns by giving you the right to not be subject to such a decision where it significantly affects you. It also gives you the right to have the data controller reconsider the decision or take a new decision.

However, this does not apply where the decision is necessary in relation to a contract with you and where either the outcome is a positive one in your favor or where the organisation safeguards your interests and allows you to make representations.

If you're interested in learning more about this topic, visit our guidance for organisations.

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